We Challenge You to Learn More About Mental Health

We should pause today to think of those who may be struggling with mental health issues – one in five Canadians suffers a mental health challenge in his/her lifetime. We understand the need to open a door for someone on crutches or to aid a person who is bruised or bleeding – we must learn to recognize when someone suffers in silence.

Make sure you have a family doctor, and spend time today, and every day, to learn more about mental illness, its signs and symptoms and what you can do. Be aware of the distress or mental health crisis line in your area and post it somewhere obvious in your house or workplace (Ottawa 613 722 6914 or outside Ottawa 1 866 996 0991).

There are many great websites, Facebook pages and Twitter sites where you can learn more, here are just a few.














The women and men of the Ottawa Police Association challenge you to learn more about mental illness and watch over your family and friends. Finally, remember that for every text, tweet or Instagram post, Facebook video view or Snapchat geofilter, Bell will make a donation of 5 cents to mental health initiatives.


On Behalf of the OPA members:

Matt Skof