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Remembering September 11, 2001.

Each year we pause to reflect on those lost on September 11, 2001. But with each passing year the list of persons lost to the Twin Towers grows. First Responders continue to suffer from post-event disease, whether from exposure to toxic materials at the site or to a darkness suffered in silence from the magnitude […]

Fredericton Police Line of Duty Deaths

On behalf of the women and men of the Ottawa Police Association, we send our condolences to the families of the four persons killed in Fredericton only hours ago – including two police officers. We stand with our colleagues in Fredericton in honouring their fallen members, always remembering their unwavering service to their community.    […]

Remembering Humboldt’s loss.

On behalf of the men and women of the Ottawa Police Association, active and retired, I want to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the Humboldt Broncos. There are no words we can use to express our thoughts on this unimaginable tragedy. We are the Moms and Dads who take our […]

Skof: SIU rules for police and medical emergencies make no sense

[originally published: Ottawa Citizen March 5, 2018]    On June 28, 1988, the municipalities making up the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton replaced 27 different emergency service phone numbers with one: 911. Overcoming petty political turf wars, Ottawa was one of the last major cities in Canada to adopt this sensible system for summoning emergency services. […]

SKOF: The Ottawa police need to solve staffing issues – now

(originally published – Ottawa Citizen, February 6, 2018)   Ottawa’s politicians are once again facing pressures as a result of the startling escalation of gun-related violence in January. Civic leaders, including Mayor Jim Watson, Police Services Board Chair Eli El-Chantiry, Chief Charles Bordeleau and others, have made an effort to present a united front against […]

We Challenge You to Learn More About Mental Health

We should pause today to think of those who may be struggling with mental health issues – one in five Canadians suffers a mental health challenge in his/her lifetime. We understand the need to open a door for someone on crutches or to aid a person who is bruised or bleeding – we must learn […]

Shining a Light on Ottawa Police Staffing

(originally published – Ottawa Sun, Saturday June 10, 2017)   Nearly a century ago social-scientists determined that people change their behavior when they realize that they are being observed. Called the “Hawthorne Effect,” this theory helps to explain the changes in how parties interact when a third-person enters the picture – like a family mediator […]

Police board must act on allegations against senior officers

  The time has come for the Ottawa Police Services Board to act. When Ottawa lawyer Michael Edelson and his firm reviewed thousands of pages of disclosures from the Ottawa Police Service, concerns about the consistency of the evidence made by senior police officers were raised. Mr. Edelson had been retained to represent an Acting […]

An Open Letter to Ottawa Capital Pride

I was troubled to hear that participants at the annual general meeting of Toronto’s Pride organization voted to ban uniformed police from marching or participating in any way in future parades. We are concerned that efforts may be made to require Ottawa’s Pride organization to consider a similar motion. I believe it’s a mistake to […]

Introducing Bandit

The Ottawa Police Association is pleased to announce an important addition to its family – Bandit. Commemorating one of Ottawa’s first canine members, Bandit joins with other Ottawa mascots to attend special events across the City. Here Bandit welcomes the members of the Special Hockey Heroes, an OPA sponsored hockey program for local kids with developmental […]

OPA’s Special Hockey Heroes

Sometimes an idea works so well little brainstorming is necessary to refine it. That was the experience for Ottawa Police Association members Mike Lamothe and Jeff Kelly in 2015 when they determined the need for hockey experiences for Ottawa’s kids with developmental difficulties. A brief meeting with OPA President Matt Skof and “Special Hockey Heroes” […]

Skof: Chief and Mayor need to realize there are problems with police service

Seldom does a Mayor insert him or herself publicly in a dispute with a municipal union. Unless familiar with the complexities of labour relations and the dynamics of large workplaces, doing so can be the third-rail of politics – touch it and you are done. In the last thirty years only two other mayors have […]

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